The Swiss Gymnastics Federation has the lead!

The Swiss Gymnastics Federation (SGF) is the umbrella organisation for Swiss Gymnastics. With 360,000 members, it is the largest multisport sports organisation in Switzerland. Together with its clubs, the SGF promotes competitive grassroot and elite sport and offers the population a wide range of activities in fitness and health sport. In addition, the SGF represents the interests of its members in sports, political and business circles.

«We facilitate sport, exercise and experiences for all throughout Switzerland to set up community and well-being»

The following sports are practised in the SGF:

Aerobic, Fistball, Apparatus Gymnastics, Gymnastics, Indiaca, Basketball, Athletics, National Gymnastics, Parkour, Rhönrad, Gymnastics for All, Volleyball, Artistic Gymnastics, Trampoline, Rhythmic Gymnastics.