For Swiss sport

The Swiss Cup Zürich is a member of SwissTopSport and Pro Sport Zürich Associations. Together with other sports organisations, the Swiss Cup Zürich promotes Swiss sport towards political, business and public circles.


The Swiss Cup Zürich became a member of the SwissTopSport Association in 2009. The Swiss Cup Zürich Organising Committee is proud to meet the comprehensive set of requirements.

The aim of SwissTopSport is to ensure that the social, economic and image-enhancing benefits of the events are promoted and used for the benefit of Switzerland. Therefore, SwissTopSport is committed to improving the framework conditions vis-à-vis the general public and the opinion leaders in politics and business.

SwissTopSport events play a key role in the promotion of grassroot sport and physical activity. Sporting event are a calling card for grassroot sport and highlights for the regions and Switzerland as a whole.

Pro Sport Zürich

The Swiss Cup Zürich has been a member of the Pro Sport Zürich Association since 2014.

The Pro Sport Zürich Association sees itself as an interest group that promotes the concerns of sport vis-à-vis the authorities, politics, business and the public in the Canton of Zürich. The ten full members and two associate members are important and recognised institutions in Zürich and are committed to Zürich as a sports location with lasting success. The popular vote won in favour of Pro Sport Zürich for the Hallenstadion, the Letzigrund stadium, the UEFA EURO 2008, the Heerenschürli recreational sports facility, the Zürich West stadium tram and the "Ordinance on the GAMMA police database on sporting events in the city of Zürich" are proof of the successful lobbying work.
Sport plays an important part in Zürich public life. It is a social service, a significant economic factor, an attractive integral part of the marketing and an important criterion of needs-oriented habitat design and urban development. Pro Sport Zürich recognised the need for action on these issues and constituted itself in 1994 from the most renowned event organisers, sports clubs and sports events in the Canton of Zürich in order to perceive overriding common needs and to tackle the challenges with united forces. Pro Sport Zürich does not make spectacular communications when it comes to developing demands that can be accepted by the majority, evaluating possible solutions and initiating decision-making processes in the field of sports policy. The Association relies on goal-oriented detailed work carried out in the background.

Together for sport in Zürich !