Dear followers of the Swiss Gymnastics Federation

We thank you for taking part in discussions on our social media. As a Federation committed to abiding by the Olympic values of respect, friendship and performance, it is particularly important for the Swiss Gymnastics Federation to maintain a constructive and respectful dialogue. Whether you’re answering to a post or a comment or you’re submitting a proposal to our communication team, behave as if you were talking face to face with someone. We are open to objective criticism but we will not tolerate personal attacks on us, our athletes or other members of the Swiss Gymnastics Federation.

The following contents will be deleted or hidden:

  • Personal attacks of any kind, targeted insults or provocations, also in the form of emoticons,
  • Discrimination of any kind, for instance based on religion, nationality, skin colour, sexual orientation, political belief, age or gender,
  • Pornographic content or content inciting to violence,
  • Illegal content,
  • Comments in languages other than the national languages and English,
  • Commercial or political publicity,
  • Comments with only one link,
  • External links which violate this Netiquette,
  • Contents with no relation whatsoever with the subject,
  • Generalities, subordinations or unverifiable assertions.

We are entitled to who can take part in discussions on our social networks. Therefore, should you break the rules, we have the right to block you without further explanation.

The rules of this Netiquette may be modified at any time without prior notice.

This Netiquette is based on the example of Swiss Olympic.