Competition Mode

Team composition

National teams taking part in the Swiss Cup Zürich are made of one male and one female gymnasts from the same country.


Female gymnasts compete on four apparatuses – Vault, Beam, Uneven Bars and Floor – and male gymnasts on six apparatuses – Floor, Pommel Horse, Rings, Vault, Parallel Bars and High Bar. Both gymnasts of a team perform a routine per round.

The team event in a Cup System

First and second rounds

While the first round remains unchanged with ten teams, teams ranked 9 and 10 are now eliminated after the first round. The remaining teams’ points earned at the first round are carried over to the second one. Four additional teams are eliminated after the 2nd round. Four teams are left for the semi-finals.


From the semi-finals on (3rd round), the system goes to a Cup system (two teams against each other). The remaining four teams start again with 0.00 point.


The winners of both semi-finals qualify for the big final (ranks 1 and 2) and fight for the title. Both losers fight for ranks 3 and 4. The teams start again from scratch.